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went wrong. mike. >> reporter: frank, america's only movable national monument stopped moving today about 10:15 with a bolt like that. why? because there was actually a bolt on the tracks. here at powell and washington the cable car which is pulled by a cable only goes 9 miles an hour but it stopped in its tracks literally because of a bolt in the tracks. 7 people were injured. they were taken to the hospital. the injuries were not very bad at all the. and here's what a lot of people had to say after the accident. >> the train abruptly stopped. we never moved after that. it was a little scary with the kids. but looks like everyone's okay. [ pause ] [ indiscernible ] [ inaudible ]
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>> reporter: you can see they are looking exactly where that bolt was. it's an old bolt. these cable cars are -- tracks are 100 years old or so. who knows where these bolts came from, might have fallen out from another car. of course, not supposed to happen. the investigation goes on. they have just moved the cable car. it was right -- i was standing right next to it just, i don't know, 45 seconds ago. now it's down there and they say that cable car service should be back to normal in the next hour. >> thank you, mike sugerman live in san francisco, thank you. it isn't snow nor rain nor gloom of night but budget cuts that will end saturday mail service after more than 150 years. the financially troubled u.s. post office says it will go to a five-day delivery schedule by the end of the summer. but as kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us, even that may not be enough. >> reporter: the u.s. postal service delivered the mail
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under all conditions for the last 150 years. but it no longer has the money to keep delivering on saturdays. the postmaster general announced the cost-cutting schedule change this morning. >> our move to five-day mail delivery also reflects a changing market demand and we are not in a position where we can continue to maintain six- day delivery. >> reporter: starting august 1, letter carriers will no longer deliver first class mail on saturdays. but not all saturday services are ending. packages, mail order medicines, priority and express mail will still go to homes and businesses and post offices will keep their saturday hours. the postal service says its research shows most americans support the change. >> i think that's fine. i usually use the postal service weekdays and it won't affect me. >> for budget purposes, i believe that's the right thing to do if they are having the budget crisis. i know that they raised their prices from 44 to 45 now it's
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46 cents. so seems like they're tight for money. >> reporter: the postal service says they have lost $41 billion over the past 6 years to people switching from letters to electronic banking and email. to save money, the agency laid off 35% of its workforce. stopping delivery on saturday is expected to save $2 billion. but it's not enough to balance the books. >> they have to look at more fundamental changes in its infrastructure, its compensation costs, its retirement obligations. >> reporter: the postal service usually needs congressional approval to make changes. but the agency says it figured out a legal way to do it without lawmakers. in emeryville, cate caugiran, kpix 5. boy scout leaders offered to delay a vote on changing its policy on gay scout members and troop leaders. they opted to delay the vote. the executive board said today in a statement that it needed more feedback from the scouting family. policy change would allow individual scout troops to decide how they want to address the issue. a vote now is not expected
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until sometime in may. neighbors are reacting to a shocking triple murder at a cabin in sonoma county. that's as police release some new information on the investigation. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in forrestville with what may be a possible motive in those shootings. anne. >> reporter: this morning, sheriff's officials say that they think this was a marijuana deal gone bad that led to the deaths of three men yesterday in this home this rural western sonoma county. police have not announced any arrests yet today. three men found shot to death in the back bedroom of a cabin which is one of several rental homes on this property along ross station road. officers identify one plan who died 26 raleigh butler. -- 26-year-old raleigh butler. he died at the cabin. the three men were found by one of men's brothers.
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even though officers said early on there wasn't a danger to the general public, people who live around here don't know what to make of this triple murder. so i spoke with several of them. they said that they did believe sheriff's officers when sheriff's officers told them to not worry. but then again they did hear helicopters overhead all night so they kept their doors locked and waited for more information. so police coming out with a little bit more information now. here's some of those neighbors i spoke with earlier. a little erie. we kept the doors locked and i stayed up late listening to the news. >> it's a mystery. i'm not fearful for myself or where i live. >> she sheriff's office says there was no sign of struggle. they collected a lot of evidence and did interviews
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with people at the cabin as well as people in some of the surrounding rentals properties. there will be a news conference at 2 p.m. with law enforcement. we'll have that later this afternoon. live now near forestville, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. moving on, a man pulled from a house fire in san leandro this morning has died. the alameda county fire department taking these pictures. the house on neptune drive is a total loss. the cause is still under investigation. fairfield police are expected to release some more details on a murder of a teen girl this afternoon. 13-year-old genelle conway allen was found dead in the allan witt park friday. a candlelight vigil will be held friday night at the same park. san francisco police are expected to hold a news conference today with an update on the kevin collins case. collins was the 10-year-old boy
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that vanished from san francisco in the haight back in 1984. police recently searched the house in connection with the case and recovered what they initially believed to be animal bones. the obama administration is defending a justice department memo that authorized drone of attacks against americans working with terrorists overseas. the memo says such actions are legal under three conditions. if the suspect is engaged in planning operations to kill americans, if it's not possible to capture the suspect before an attack, and if the operation follows u.s. laws and war principles. >> these strikes are legal. they are ethical and they are wise. >> critics say such an attack would violate the constitutional rights of an american terror suspect to trial by jury. so far there's only one known case of an american targeted with a drone strive, anwar al- awlaki in yemen back in 2011. east bay, chopper 5 is over
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the house fire in berkeley we told you about at the top of the news. this is at 1179 keith avenue in the berkeley foothills. as you can see, still engulfed. we have been watching the smoke pour from the second story of this home for the last several minutes. flames are shooting from the roof. firefighters now on the scene. they are trying to attack it as you can see from the ground there. past couple of minutes, those firefighters arriving no report of the cause or if anyone was inside. this is in the berkeley hills. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. still ahead, today's healthwatch. breast cancer screenings for seniors. the changes a new study is suggesting. >> lots of sunshine outside right now. enjoy it while you can. we have some storm clouds on the horizon. we'll talk about that coming up.
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this is at 11-79 kieth avenue in we're going to return back to that breaking news here in the east bay. chopper 5 over that house fire in berkeley once again, 1179 keith avenue. this is in the berkeley foothills. doesn't like like progress. the past couple minutes the firefighters arrived on the scene. no report on what caused it or if anyone was inside. they got some work to do. those flames still going strong. in today's healthwatch, changes could be coming to breast cancer screening guidelines. a new study found seniors only need a mammogram every two years. doctors at the university of california found that older women who got the test every other year did not have a higher chance of getting late stage breast cancer. those women also have fewer false positives. mixing liquor with diet
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soda may save calories but could leave you more drunk. a new study found people who mixed alcohol with diet drinks had higher blood alcohol concentrations. researchers say participants didn't feel any different but their blood alcohol was about .08 legal limit to drive. experts think sugary drinks slow down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. so take note. it turns out vegetable fats may not be as healthy as first thought. a study in the british medical journal followed heart patients who replaced butter with margarine and oil with safflower. those patients had a higher risk of death. doctors say the results could change future dietary guidelines. it is the last day of the king tides. this is twice in three months we have gotten those massive waves on the shoreline here. roberta gonzales is in kpix 5 at mccovey cove in mobile5. >> reporter: we are here towards mccovey cove.
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i have to tell you that right now it is a gorgeous day in the making, sure a little cool at 54 according our mobile weather. but not a breeze to speak of. as you said, we were talking about the california king tides. they are powerful and can cause localized flooding when they reach a certain height. now, to give you a little background, the term king tides originated in australia and in new zealand and it made its way to the united states as well as in british columbia. now, these tides are driven by the relationships of earth, moon and sun. and to give you again a little back ground, high tides occur every 14 days during new moon and full moon. tonight is a new moon. and these tides can be amplified by local weather conditions. as lawrence karnow has been reporting, we have rain returning to the bay area tomorrow so the national weather service wants to make you very mindful of the california high tides which begin tomorrow morning at 8:33 at 6.7 feet and with pending
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rain you can anticipate possible local flooding. reporting from mccovey cove, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. lots of sunshine outside as we speak. let's take you out there now, looking good over the bay, a little hazy there as well but sailing into the afternoon, sunshine all the way to the coastline. temperatures around seasonal. we'll have more clouds tonight and then, yes, a chance of rain returns for tomorrow and that's going to be a cold storm system diving in out of the gulf of alaska. looking out over the bay, we have some sunshine and temperatures running mainly into the 50s right now. i think the warmest day maybe some low 60s and that's about it. high pressure sneaking in for one final day here. but you can already see this system diving in out of the gulf of alaska. that is going to bring with it that chance of some rain and some very cold showers. in fact, snow levels may be down to about 2500 feet. overnight thursday night and into friday. the low will bring cooler air.
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let's see if we can time it out for you. toward the afternoon looking good so far. and then overnight tonight, some clouds begin to move in. and then tomorrow morning, for the commute, maybe a little bit wet in spots especially north of the golden gate bridge. you can see at 8:00, the main cold front all the way up into the north bay. and then as we head throughout the day, that sags further south so by noontime that drags across the rest of the bay area. so some much colder weather on the way. and some showers too. and the temperatures not too bad today. 60s into the central valley, 40s and 50s in the high country. 54 into monterey bay. our bay looking good. 50s and some low 60s into the afternoon. overnight lows going to be chilly in spots, some 30s and 40s. but tomorrow big changes coming a chance of some showers on the way. chance of showers continuing into friday, as well. then it looks like on saturday and sunday, the good news, you have some plans, looks like we'll stay dry for the weekend. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> that's the way we like t okay, lawrence, thank you much. fresh grocer tony tantillo in the house today with this week's best buys on fresh
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produce. >> reporter: well, it's time for this week's best buys. each and every week i look at the markets to see what you can save money on. let me tell you, it's working. we're saving a lot of money on great produce items especially strawberries. you can finds them up to $5 for a 16-ounce tray but some ads have them for $1.99. that's a great deal. never wash them before you store them. but always wash them before you enjoy them. >> tomatoes, plum tomatoes in the market right now imported and also grown in florida. there's a bumper crop so the prices are down. the average price on certain local stores in the ads is about $1.49 a pound. this is one of my favorites. the colorful peppers. the red, the orange, the yellow. $5 a pound, $6 a pound in many stores but many have ads out there for as low as $1.99 a pound. that is a great deal. and when you select them, just
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make sure they're nice and bright. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. eat fresh, stay healthy and save money with this week's best buys. ciao. still ahead a sneak peek at this weekend's grammy awards. ♪ [ music ]♪ next. ============b r e a k ========== >> a breakdown of one band up for album of the year. the story behind mumford and sons coming up next. stay right there.
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today, we've got an inside look up for album the grammys are just a few days away sunday night here on kpix 5 at 8:00. one of the bands up for album of the year is mumford & sons. >> album of the year -- ♪ [ music ]♪ >> the mumford & sons are a band from the uk who have wholeheartedly embraced, you know, acoustic americana. >> they are the british bluegrass guys. >> kind of, you know, folk rock on steroids. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> just hitting it hard every time out. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> mumford & sons are like the little banjo band that could. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> we met just through mutual
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love the music. fired from playing in different bands. so we decided to make like a reject band. >> the rest is history. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> of all the unlikely things that happened with this band, their breakthrough single little lion man was a song that, you know, they sing [ bleep ] over and over again as each tour comes up ♪ [ music ]♪ >> it's not like everybody is looking to do these guys that they have had 12 hits so we have to give them the favorite. this is the song that gets them over. >> these are the nominees for best new artist. mumford & sons -- ♪ [ music ]♪ >> ultimately this is why i think that mumford is going to win album of the year between the rock world and the country world, there's a lot of people who want to get behind this band. that's why i think they're the
12:22 pm
favorite. [ applause and cheers ] >> we also want to congratulate all of tonight's grammy nominees. >> and we'll see you at the grammys on february 10. >> sunday night, 8:00. when we come back now, a major change for monopoly. the latest game piece to get the axe by fans. ú#çñçñ [ female announcer ] this
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that's hard to beat -- same great price two whole years, price promise. [ female announcer ] that has a nice ring to it. [ male announcer ] only from at&t. ♪ ♪
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and the type of jobs you can get... at five. coming up tonight on kpix-5 at 5, a hiring surge in the bay area. the company that's building its workforce and the type of jobs you can get. that's all coming up at 5:00. finally this noon, the scotty dog has a new nemesis in monopoly. fans voted to replace the game's iconic iron. if you are an iron fan, it's gone. the token with a cat. people from more than 120 countries cast their votes. the game pieces have changed several times since the 1930s. but this is a very first time fans have had a say-so on which token to eliminate and what would replace it. so the iron is gone. my favorite. >> i like the boot. >> the boot. >> they are probably going to come out with another game that you can decide what you want. >> when was the last time you played monopoly? >> i play monopoly a lot. i love board games. >> it takes forever but it's a great fun game. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:30. tune in tonight at 5:00 we'll
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have more on the fire and the rest. take care. captions by: caption colorado announcer: cbs wednesday, a csi event. i'm looking for d.b. russell. announcer: a crime in vegas... taylor: where is she? how well do you know christine? i love this woman. announcer: ...ends in new york. ♪ i follow you down... ♪ i'll call my team. ♪ through the eye of the storm... ♪ taylor: you heard what he said. she's going to die. i'm coming with you. stokes: we got a body. (groans) where is she?! announcer: only cbs.
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